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The Leading Surface Coating:

Next level antiviral protection.

Obtain immediate 24/7 all inclusive wall to garment protection.

How and why it works

BioX Pro™’s  antiviral/antimicrobial additive works by disrupting microbial cell membranes and its metabolism, interrupting its function, and lethally rupturing the microbial cell.

What is BioX Pro™ ?

BioX Pro™ is a highly engineered coating that incorporates an antiviral/antimicrobial/antifungal additive. Receive immediate protection at the source on all surfaces.

How does it protect you?

The additive used in BioX Pro  is EPA registered and used worldwide in healthcare, food, textile among other industries. BioX Pro  has paired this powerful antimicrobial to a blend of strong polymers that bonds to most interior and exterior surfaces.

BioX Pro™  brings the confidence back!

A disinfectant that you can have complete confidence in to kill bacteria, germs, viruses, mold and so much more.

90 day active protection

Depending on touch frequency

Coronavirus tested

Check out the power of BioX Pro from the studies

Total cellular destruction

Kills bacteria, destroys viruses, eliminates mold

Wall to garment protection

Safe to use on all surfaces

Visible protection

When dry, BioX Pro leaves a non-staining layer of safety

Non-toxic, water-based

Safe to use at home to the office, inside or outside

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The Right Ingredients

BioX Pro™ contains no known carcinogens under Proposition 65, California’s Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986.

Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable. Waste from this product is not hazardous as defined under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) 40 CFR 261.

How to apply BioX Pro™ 

Using BioX Pro  is safe, easy, and effective: 

Follow these instructions for optimal results.

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Apply the undiluted solution sprayed or wiped on interior or exterior surfaces, including  but not limited to fabric, leather, tile, carpet, metal, wood, plastic, and glass.

protective coatings for stainless steel


Spray 6-8 inches from the surface. Allow at least 15 minutes to dry.

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BioX Pro its capable of staying on surfaces for over 90 days*.

*depending on touch frequency.

What People Are Saying about BioX Pro™ 

BioX Pro was easy to use for our custodial staff – we’ve been able to spray at night as part of our new safety procedures. It dries quickly and we see its effect. I’m so glad we can spray it on all surfaces without concern of staining or warping.”

Office Manager

Class A Office Building

“We serve thousands of customers every day, and our team members are keeping everyone safe that walks through our doors.

With the long-lasting nature of BioX Pro , we can focus on areas that people contact the most.”

Area Director

Major Low-Cost Distribution Retailer

“Airlines are doing their part to keep folks safe in the skies, here on the ground, our facilities are a gateway for passengers, crew, and support staff to the city they are visiting or call home. We want to make that feel as safe as possible. We use BioX Pro to ensure that safety.”

Operational VP

Regional Airport Facilities

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